The Save, Share, and Spend initiative teaches youth to be more aware of the importance of saving money at an early age. The 4-H Piggy Bank Pageant allows youth to use their creativity in constructing a Piggy Bank while also setting a month-long savings goal.

Vote for the Pig

Click the ‘view all winners’ button to view each of the piggy bank finalists from across the state of Tennessee. The top three designs in each age category are highlighted. You can view previous year’s winners as well.

We look forward to upgrading our site for the 2020 pageant! Some enhancement features we are working toward are: an enhanced voting system, a sturdier hosting environment and an updated framework. Thank you for growing this program with us and we look forward to the years to come! Happy Saving!

Pageant Guidelines

The 4-H member, exclusively, should do the work on the bank. Banks should measure no more than 12″ X 12″ X 12″. There should be a way to BOTH put the money in and remove it without destroying the bank. Banks should be sturdy enough that they can be transported for display without coming apart.